Naomi Punk- Yellow 2XLP

Naomi Punk- Yellow 2XLP

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*NOTE these arrived with one bent corner per jacket*

The 25 tracks on 壽鱕ellow,壽� conceived as a 2XLP double album from day one, were self-recorded steadily throughout 2015-2017 at various locations. Much of the material was derived from what the group called 壽鱐he Scorpion Suite壽�, a state of mind reached only by the alternative version of Naomi Punk they call 壽鱐he Scorpions壽� (disambiguated). Many 壽鱏corpion Sessions壽� were conducted by The Scorpions, each member performing their predetermined roll in a project half-aspiring to the register of licensing music, half-aspiring to musical novelty.

The self-referential musical language of The Feeling (2012) was wrung out into the starker, live-informed Television Man (2014). On 壽鱕ellow壽� this language becomes a means, not an end.

Integrated into the album are glimpses of live recordings, sounds of equipment being pushed around, hard rock sample libraries, sounds of the flapping wings of the album壽猻 host (壽螴 Found My Angel Wings壽� is embedded in thematic variation throughout), windy field recordings, emulsive synthetic woodwinds, a busted car stereo, a few four-track acoustic ballads, and more than a few puzzles and jokes.