Kill Helmet- S/T

Kill Helmet- S/T

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Distro: Refry Records

(Members of Useless Eaters/ Scraper)

Here you will find Refry's debut vinyl release (and proud we are of all of us), and the debut release from Kill Helmet (and proud we are of all of them). These puppies are limited as fuck to 500 copies. You will probably receive a Refry Records pin and sticker while supplies last (if I can find them). This beautiful 7" will feature custom photocopy/ inkjet/ laser-printed black and white covers (this is how your forefathers and foremothers (Beethoven, Bach, etc) printed their record covers, you idiots).

Anyway, this thing will surely be worth at least half of what it is selling for on here a few months or years down the line, so look at this as an investment into your future, but a cheaper investment than 8 years of community college.