Mosquitoes - Outlines / Infinity Fault 7

Mosquitoes - Outlines / Infinity Fault 7"

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DR 48

Like clockwork, the latest affirmations from Mosquitoes. Following up last years Reverse Drift / Reverse Change, this record continues the deconstruction of assumptions around the idea of a music group or "band" to descend further into rough shards of notes and ideas. Outlines opens with a loop of a distant subway car approximating time, layered with bass lines and fragments of voice, percussion, and guitar. Hushed words - invented or otherwise - scattered throughout. Infinity Fault carries itself through a spiraling loop with instruments lending themselves to the sensation: descending, descending, descending. Broken concepts blending into each other to create something else entirely that can loosely be described as music for adventurous listeners.

Tri-fold double-sided sleeve, edition of 300.