Stefan Christensen - Arbor 7

Stefan Christensen - Arbor 7"

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Ever-restless WOE-affiliate/soul brother, Stefan Christensen, returns a few weeks after that great Atlas Rand tape with this comfortingly wholesome 7" for Stoned to Death. As we well know, there's a few different versions of Stefan Christensen to enjoy, and with Arbor he's revisited the avant-folk inspirations he wears so well. This is a predominately acoustic affair, mostly removing the heavy-weather guitar dramatics of recent works and favouring a more intimate folk-confessional style that strikes a tone somewhere between Jandek dissonance, Peter Jefferies' darkness and the early 21st century folk experiments you'd have found on the Arthur curated Golden Apples of the Sun compilation - i.e. Entrance, Espers et al. Vital and unassuming brilliance as ever.