R. Clown - The Big Break 7

R. Clown - The Big Break 7"

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Release Date: January 15th, 2019

DR 25

This trio of rodeo clowns has finally hit the big time with this debut slab of wax.  Arby, Tarny, and Wrangle, having grown up in a traveling rodeo under the supervision of their guardian, Dr. Robert C. Lown, have been perfecting their craft of synth-punk, hoe-down stomping in front of small rural crowds across the states. The boys have since relocated to tinsel town to try to make it big in front of the entertainment elites. Recommended for fans of Nervous Gender, The Screamers, Clowns, and Rodeos. Limited edition Vinyl on coke bottle clear as well a limited run on colored vinyl with a VHS movie showing all of the boys trials and tribulations of trying to make it to the big time.