Brannten Schnüre - Durch Unser Zugedecktes Tal LP

Brannten Schnüre - Durch Unser Zugedecktes Tal LP

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"Durch unser zugedecktes Tal" completes the Seasons Cycle of Brannten Schnüre. For three consecutive years (2014-2016), the duo released "Aprilnacht" (Spring), "Sommer im Pfirsichhain" (Summer) and "Geträumt hab ich vom Martinszug" (Autumn).

Afterwards, they released two highly acclaimed and now out-of-print albums with "Muschelsammlung" and "Erinnerungen an Gesichter" and now Winter’s finally here with "Durch unser zugedecktes Tal". The album evokes lyrically and sonically how people experience winter: from the joy of the first falling snow to the weariness of darkness and cold, from well-tried rituals to drive winter out to the relief of thawing and blooming snowdrops.

Durch unser zugedecktes Tal” is also a record about patience and hope. For the first time, Brannten Schnüre’s aesthetics are reminiscent of Christian beliefs; the idea of living a life pleasing to God is present in the final words cited on the record, a poem by German writer Hans Schiebelhuth that rounds up “Durch unser zugedecktes Tal” and leaves its listener behind in a solemn mood.