Leyden Jars - Forgeries CS

Leyden Jars - Forgeries CS

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____We see steps off and float in.
_______In slow three sixties
_____we knit a cloak to keep us.
__________Pulse is fire
__________metals echo
______and every astral flinch
____is a welcome whip of the tail.

___No substance without shadow.

______We emerge and hold on
___________to the rips
______along a rough-cut edge
_______where metals warm
_________and we pull up,
___________and survey.
_Up here the sung voice and blown reed
____________weaves all
____________and below,
land is a strip that gently crumbles a beat
________and brings us down.
_____________In wing.

__________Keen to conquer,
____________at any cost.

____Down here we tap an entrance
__on to where territory is molten melody
___________and we wade
______and we move without norm
____________like gravity,
_________all lefts and rights
______and the falling fragments
_______are belongings we carry
_____and the hiss is our backline
___and we move toward the euphony.
_____________In union
____and we think we’ve made a circle

________forlorn is forewarned,
____________forgeries all.