A. Maiah - F(r)icciones LP

A. Maiah - F(r)icciones LP

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“F(r)icciones is a complicated
piece of miscellaneous works. A set
of experiments in preparation for a
gig at a noise convention in Orozco
that never happened, an 18 women
choir piece composed for a
soundtrack to a documentary that
doesn’t have a release date yet or
trying to create a drone piece by
accumulating guitar noise. The
result? Burnt psychedelic blues
with electronics ”

Partly an official soundtrack to
“Durangas”, a documentary focusing
on women and heritage, discussing
civil war, education, sex or
violence in the town of Durango,
Basque Country. And partly a non
musical accompaniment to an
imaginary movie, F(r)icciones is
the new album by A. Maiah.

Self described as Guitarist /
Composer / Improviser of
Idiomatic Noise / Microtonal
Blues Ist or Psychedelic
Populist, Asier has been
self-releasing albums for nearly a
decade now, focusing mostly on
prepared guitar or improvised

Durangas was composed by Asier,
arranged/conducted by Garazi
Navas, performed by an 18 women
choir from Durango and recorded
live at San Agustin Cultural
Centre. All of the other tracks
were recorded between 2021-2022 in
between portable recorders in
Burgos or at Estudios Nomadas.