Bib- Demo 7

Bib- Demo 7"

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Distro: Deranged


Omaha, Nebraska, conjures up images of steak, Warren Buffet, and Saddle Creek Records. One doesn’t think of hardcore punk. In comes Bib — noisey, blown-out hardcore from the middle of nowhere. Adhering to the “everything louder than everything else” approach, Bib’s colossal riffs sound like an avalanche when the bottom drops. Squirmy, effect-laden vocals veer from the huge to the weird. Live, sometimes with three guitar players, Bib takes the wall of sound to a whole new level that leaves your eardrums vibrating . This straight ahead, downstroke-pounding demo has been likened to Hoax mixed with Pissed Jeans. Originally released on a limited run of self-dubbed tapes, Bib is happy to bring their demo to life as a seven-inch on Deranged. A new seven-inch is in the works for late summer.