Cheap Imitation - Selektiv Dövhet 7

Cheap Imitation - Selektiv Dövhet 7"

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Selektiv Dövhet is an eclectic three track vinyl EP from Cheap Imitation. It's a wild ride of quirky lo-fi hits with odd wacky grooves that make you wanna dance.
This record pours further light over Gothenburg´s underground scene that seemingly has an endless source of hidden treasures.
In earlier reviews Cheap Imitation has been compared to artists such as U.S Girl, The Flying Lizards, Neutral and Throbbing Gristle.

Cheap Imitation is Ann-Charlotte Rugfelt and Anders Olofson. The duo is based in Gothenburg, Sweden and has since 2010 released three albums with weird-out poppy music on cassette and various digital releases. Selektiv Dövhet is their first vinyl.