Engürdetz - Silmjölke LP

Engürdetz - Silmjölke LP

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Engürdetz perhaps weren’t a known name to the vast music devouring public - but for a brief period in time & to a scene of chosen few, they were a name associated with raw, gut-opening & kill em' all industrial mayhem.

Made up by the duo of Drajan (Brainbombs, Diskad, Orchestra Of Constant Distress a.o.) & Lanchy (Brainbombs, Totalitär, Swinehood a.o.).

With only three extremely limited cassettes released between 1986-1988 they managed to maintain a place in Swedish industrial history - connected to acclaimed & contemporary names such as Lille Roger (later Brigher Death Now) & Arvid Tuba.

’Sillmjölke’ differed from the duo’s previous outputs. The tracks had moved closer into the formula of a ”standard” song formula & the influences from British industrialists such as Whitehouse had become more apparent, along with sections that made your mind venture to the freer & ambient sides of Swell Maps (even if they didn’t necessarily know who Swell Maps were at the time).