Headroom - Equinox 20 7

Headroom - Equinox 20 7"

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A slow-moving, transcendental psych-juggernaut from Headroom that follows up releases on labels like Ever/Never and Trouble In Mind. Started out as a solo outlet for guitar-player Kryssi Battalene, Headroom shortly evolved into a full band, on this recording with stalwarts Stefan Christensen, David Shapiro, Rick Omonte and Ross Menze. With close to 13 minutes split up over two 33rpm sides, the hypnotic 'Equinox 20' is a very fine example of what's been cooking in New Haven during the last few years. Mind-altering epic rock music to file in somewhere between your expensive old PSF imports, the Flying Saucer Attack discography and all those VU bootlegs. Improvised and recorded in the basement of John Miller, which is where all the Headroom and Mountain Movers stuff is recorded. Sublime!