Irma Krook - Military Arms 12

Irma Krook - Military Arms 12"

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’Military Arms’ is the debut output by Gothenburg-based sound-smith Irma Krook. Up until now primarily known as bass player & founding member of death pop vanguards Makthaverskan, Krook has composed four tracks of ethereal beauty, in the sanctity of her own home.

Limitation is the mother of invention and recording from a flat in Masthugget narrows the possibilities even more. Recording her vocals on her phone & making all instrumentals in GarageBand on an iPad - Krook has succeeded in making a big sound from small means.

Uniquely her own, while still honoring the inspirations. Kate Bush á Hounds Of Love-era, Anna Domino, 90’s era Talk Talk, This Mortal Coil & Julee Cruise. 

Music you’ll need to take out your furniture before listening, for it to even fit in the room it’s occupying.