No Trend- You Deserve Your Life LP

No Trend- You Deserve Your Life LP

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In 1983, No Trend booked time at Inner Ear studio to record material for what would become the Teen Love 7”. In this session they also recorded 6 additional songs: some were re-recorded and featured on their first album, Too Many Humans; the rest never saw a release until well after the band was finished. After the recording session the band embarked on their first tour across the U.S., a punishing experience which resulted in drummer Michael Salkind quitting the band. He recounts: “I received 25 copies of the EP as my divorce settlement, and went on to play in a variety of bands in and around the DC area. None of them ever attained the status of No Trend, nor did I ever lose as much money and dignity.” This record, You Deserve Your Life, contains the earliest recorded iteration of No Trend’s material from their first Inner Ear session, and two live songs never recorded otherwise. This is the first time that this material has been available on vinyl.


1. Cancer

2. Hanging Out In Georgetown

3. Kiss Ass

4. Family Style

5. Reality Breakdown

6. Human Garbage

7. Purple Paisleys Make Me Happy

8. Mass Sterilization

9. Teen Love

10. Death (Live)

11. Punker (Live)

-Contains never before seen archival photos of the band

-Includes download card with additional live material

-First time vinyl pressing