Non Plus Temps - Dark On Harmon EP CS

Non Plus Temps - Dark On Harmon EP CS

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The clown car crashed into nuclear winter, so we chased shadows in our hideout. It was an intuitive process, like making Desire Choir, only with more limitations. A typical living-room percussion setup comprised snare, spatula, and plinky bolt. Every four-track mixdown cemented in place another layer of sedimentary noise, another vision of superseding our condition as human rentals. ‘Saw the Car Free’ imagines all of the converterless cars and lockless bikes of the city as avatars for an insurrectionary and communal subjectivity, while ‘Heads of State Roll’ casts Bugs Bunny and Italian anarchist Alfredo Bonanno as joyful and deranged propagandists of the deed. ‘Clod Clog’ alludes to the insight of another ultraleft theorist, Gilles Dauvé, that ‘nothing is more alien to a strike than its end.’ The cutup contractual jargon of ‘Wash Cycle (Dub),’ meanwhile, comes from a bogus eviction notice marked for the address of our home recording session. ‘Hideaway’ conveys impressions of the same place. As distant as the emancipatory horizon remains, the rent-strike that subsidized our prior release is resolving favorably (without end). Some light shines on Harmon, not least from the flaming moon. To Viv!

Dark on Harmon follows Desire Choir, released seven months ago on Post-Present Medium.

A portion of proceeds from this release benefit Street Spirit. The East Bay print publication, by and for the poor and unhoused segment of working-class tenants, is fundraising to transition to a new publisher, and accepting donations through Western Regional Advocacy Project (WRAP).

The shifting lineup of Non Plus Temps — a garbled curse on time — includes members of Naked Roommate, the World, Famous Mammals, and Preening. Oakland, California. 2023.