Shadow Pattern / Anna Peaker - Split CS

Shadow Pattern / Anna Peaker - Split CS

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Wonderful new Infant Tree split release featuring electronics, noise, found sound, and collage techniques. 

A: Shadow Pattern - Drunk Drawer
Recorded in The Den, Autumn 2022.

Long standing member of the Hamilton, Ontario experimental scene, Shadow Pattern is Ivanco's latest reinvention of himself through recording and performance. Several small edition cassettes on Hamilton Tapes and an LP on Radiant Clay Records (RCR) Shadow Pattern entertains the artfully careless and outright absurd idea of what sound can be.

B: Anna Peaker - Dust Duets
Various recordings made late 2022 to early
2023. Assembled and mixed spring 2023.

Anna Peaker is an artist based in Leeds, West Yorkshire who began experimenting with sound in 2016. Her work centers around quiet electronics, organ pieces, and found sound. She has released music with Longform Editions, Alter, Infant Tree, and Lime Lodge.