The World - Reddish LP (EU Pressing)

The World - Reddish LP (EU Pressing)

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"The World's a post-punk band, sure, but they're also a dance group, a wild and revolutionary art collective, sounds from the past catapulted to the future. Today your love, tomorrow The World." (Grace Ambrose, MRR) 

After a first 7" 'Managerial Material', on It Takes Two / Upset the Rhythm in 2016, The World is releasing their first album, 'First World Record', affirming for a second time the unique qualities of their music. The World is also putting out their new mini LP, Reddish, which brings to mind Essential Logic, Liggers, Twelve Cubic Feet ... 
The members of The World are all part of an active artistic community in Oakland, and can also be found in bands such as Rays, Andy Human & The Reptoids, Naked Roommate, and Blues Lawyer... 

Microminiature is not a label per se. We wish to broaden our spectrum, provide a space for reflection, and to share and exchange creations of various shapes and sizes. We seek to weave links between people from different horizons, different backgrounds. 
Bored of big, Microminiature will modestly define itself in opposition to most media, favoring that which is not adapted to the general public in order to understand the marginal, and to defend what we value in culture(s). The goal of creating communal projects is born from an ambition to gather beyond borders, to unite those with whom we share a political vision of art and music in particular. 
These collaborations will be random, and will not reply on an artificial, imposed periodicity.